Monday, January 3, 2011

2011, You Crept Up So Fast!

2010 was quite the eventful year! Dazzle went into training with Melissa Matiko and she sold to the most AWESOME home. Spotless was started by a local trainer, but then sat all summer when I couldn't find an exercise rider. I had a BABY! I bought a kid's horse. I rode the kid's horse and regained my confidence that had disappeared by not riding for about 10 months. I missed the ride. I met Andrea and Aaron and Izak and Meredith; the wonderful family free-leasing Marigold. I attended NO shows as a rider, but two as a cheerleader!

What does 2011 hold in store for me? I don't know, but I have hopes! My plans are:
Spotless will go back into training with a friend and get broke-broke, as we put it.
Marigold and I will take Western Pleasure lessons and attend some schooling shows together.
Marigold and Meredith will attend a show or two together and be absolutely adorable!
Spotless and the trainer will attend some shows and bring the legacy of his wonderful sire to a happy end.
Spotless might be sold.
I might free-lease a broke-broke horse to have a 2nd riding mount.
I hope to attend the CJTR as a cook-crew member and get to see Dazzle in action there with her new owner.
My mother-in-law will take lessons on Marigold. (she will be a busy girl this year if everything goes as planned, lol)

I don't know how much will get to happen, but I hope I get to do everything I have planned.
Part of it depends on finding trainers that I'm comfortable with and that click with my horses and finances, part depends on finding a job and part depends on finding a baby-sitter, lol.

Melissa Matiko, my friend, riding companion, coach, and trainer of the past few years has graduated Uni and gone home to Canada. We miss her already! The hope is that she will come back to clinic here in the future and we plan to visit her this coming summer at her home. My project this spring will be finding more riding friends I guess, as it's not near as much fun to ride alone!