Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spot's THIRD Ride!

Annie came and rode Spot, she walked and trotted a ton in the round-pen. She asked for canter, but he couldn't quite get it in the round-pen; too small. He tried a couple times. At the end of the ride they rode out of the round-pen into the small arena and rode around a bit. He was super chill. Before she got on, she was leaning on him getting ready to mount and a helicopter went by low overhead. He didn't even flinch!

In addition to trotting and the usually walk/turn/stop/back, they worked on turn on the haunch, turn on the forehand, and side-pass....he was getting it! I couldn't believe it, I was very impressed. She said by the end of the ride he definitely knew what he was supposed to do depending on where she bumped him with her leg. I'm very excited. I can't wait to ride him myself!

Our immediate future plans are to take him to Walla Walla County Fair and do halter and showmanship, and sign up for two green-horse classes that we can scratch if he's not ready. I'm excited about that. Especially about not having to be the one showing, I love to groom, but I'm SUCH a nervous shower!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotless Can Jog/Trot!!

Annie put another GREAT ride on Spotless Monday! She did about 15 minutes of ground-work, then I held him for her to get on. They walked around a while, then she asked him to jog and he took right off in a lovely jog. She said he has pretty nice transitions. She said he has a really smooth jog, also. He was really chill and relaxed and seemed to enjoy the attention. He turns his head all the way around and sniffs her a lot. If he's not sure what she's doing he sniffs her knee until he's satisfied.

Ground-Driving, Oh How We Love Thee

About a month ago, we decided to work on Spotless listening to the bit better. Michelle accepted the mission. She did several sessions of ground-driving in the round-pen and walking on the side-reins. One evening she decided to show him off. it was quite impressive! We also went on a walk to grandma's and walked him on the road. He wasn't phased by the cars at all! The next day or so, we went all the way around the block with me riding Marigold. It went great; neither spooked at anything! Very encouraging!

My Little Foal is Growing Up!

Great news; I found someone to ride Spotless and he LOVES her! The first day she worked him on the ground for 30-45 minutes, then was able to get on and she rode for at least 30 minutes at the walk. They halted, turned, and even backed a couple steps. He even let her get down without any issues.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spotless Has A Spot

Spotless needs a new barn name; he developed a SPOT on his right shoulder. I found someone to put rides on him, but we're having trouble coordinating. He got one ride on. He is nervous about the getting on, but then is fine. Once Anthony was on, he was great. Walked, halted, turned, and backed even. Even stood nice for him to get down. We just have to get past how scary it is for someone to swing their leg on.

Both Spotless and Marigold are doing well just on pasture, which I am NOT taking for granted. I am enjoying scrubbing buckets knowing I don't have to buy hay all summer. We'll buy our winter hay after the ride, so they are being pretty cheap right now.