Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Can You Get Recognized?

It's fun to show locally and just get experience, but there comes a point that you want all that training, time, and money to mean more then ribbons on the wall. You're going to want some sort of record that follows your horse. If you show at ApHC shows in the normal events, that's easy. However, if you choose to follow the Dressage route you have have some different paths to follow.

Appaloosa Competitive All-Breed Activities Program:
This is the ApHC equivalent of the APHA's PAC point system. Through the ACAAP you can earn points that will follow your horse. This program includes USDF and U.S. Equestrian-approved events, as well as local and schooling shows. This is going to be a great option to hit when you are ready to start being noticed.

United States Dressage Federation:
This is the place to compete against all other breeds, including warmbloods and horses imported from Europe. There are awards you can earn as a rider, as a horse, as a youth, as an amatuer adult, etc. The competition is going to be fairly stiff and you have to have pretty good scores to even qualify to be in the running for the awards. Definitely a good goal for us all, but not as easy to get into financially and the events aren't as well distributed as other options.

Colorado Rangerbred Horse Association:
Your Appaloosa must first qualify to be registered CRHA. If your horse has either of their foundation horses in its pedigree then you can have it double registered with CRHA. You can use all your local shows to earn points and awards. It's easy to find out; just go to the site and email them or look it up yourself on Goer goes back to the two foundation horses, so if your horse is Goer bred then you'll qualify. To get points, you will need to join the Open Show Point Program, then send in your paperwork after each show and starting earning your awards.

Any other places to show and get points that follow your horse? Let me know and I'll add them here!

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ariemay said...

What a beautiful horse. I loved doing dressage... enjoy it and let 'em talk!