Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to 2009

2009 is here, along with new year's resolutions and adjusting to life's unpredictable obstacles.

Melissa and I had planned to ride Dazzle and Bayberry all spring with the goal of the Spokane USDF shows in late spring and summer. Last week we were told that the arena those shows are held out was destroyed by the snow. The arena collapsed from the weight of the snow on the roof. SO, we are going to adjust our goals. We have agreed to ride my mother-in-law's two Appys and might take them to some shows. Dazzle and Bayberry will attend the Dressage shows nearby, all schooling-shows. We'll hit tricities and Boardman, rack up some Dressage show experience. Dazzle and I will be able to earn CEA points at some and Colorado Rangerbred points at all of them. It'll be cheaper than Spokane, so we'll be able to take more horses and/or attend more shows. It will be less pressure, but it's still disappointing.

I haven't posted in a while as we got over 2 ft of snow which brought all horse activities to a halt. It was so cold outside that feeding was miserable and I would feel sick from breathing the air just for the that length of time. I decided if I couldn't handle it, I wasn't going to ask my horse to WORK in it, so she got over a month off.

Last Saturday was the first playday since the snow, so we squished four horses into Monty's trailer (usually we take two in it), and trucked over to the fairgrounds. I lunged Dazzle, she didn't buck, but cantered a lot. Then I tacked her up and headed in. She was...an ANGEL. Never naughty, didn't run away with me, toss her head, buck, NOTHING. She LOVES the gaming. She tries to canter the poles (all on the same lead of course), and she has the relay race about down to where she doesn't need me. I could have put a 10 yr old on her and they'd have been safe. I am so happy with her. A month off and she's better than ever. AND she's turning 4 this spring, that's when they're supposed to go crazy! This time last year she WAS a bit crazy, and I usually had Melissa ride her. I'm hoping this means she will have an easy 4 yr old year. It would be fun to go bring home some ribbons again. I missed showing last year.

So, we are off to a good start in 2009. I'm SO tired of snow and mud and grateful we have not had flooding here. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and shows! Haven't schooled Dressage yet this year, but I'm excited about taking lessons again soon.


Carrie Giannandrea said...

Wow! I didn't even know this blog existed!!


We compete our Apps in Dressage. My stallion will do 1st level this summer. He scored well in his intro and training levels last summer.

Thanks for starting this blog!

Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
Formula One Farms

Sandy M said...

Well, guess I should get in on this! My recently retired horse as 2nd level, schooling 3rd when his arthitic stifles forced his retirement. Newbie is only 4.5, a bit on the hot side, but coming along. He's did two shows last year at Intro, and we'll start intro this year (in Feb. or Mar.) and hope to be showing training by mid-summer. Newbie is my 4th App. The first two were eventers, the 2nd an H/J horse first, then dressage horse. My first two apps were big, but Foundation breeding, recently retired guy was race-bred, and baby is an Araloosa, out of a Foundation bred mare.

Trainer X said...

Very nice Appy!!

Lise Jumper said...

Thanks to whoever posted this link to another of my discussion groups, I didn't know it was out there.
I also compete in dressage, my stallion was at third level before he retired, now I'm just working the youngsters and showing them, and trying to choose a new horse "for me" that isn't for sale. I have one in mind, but I have to get her started! Until then I have a nice mare that I'm enjoying riding and started to show last fall, but I've made it my goal for this year,to get "the next one" started.

Lise Jumper said...

Hey, thanks for putting this link on the Ap sport list!
I also ride dressage, my stallion and I were at third level before he retired, so now I'm looking for the next one. I have an idea that it's one I haven't started yet- I really need to, but the sale horses have always come first, but this year I'm going to get her going. In the meantime, I've got a couple that I've taken out to shows, plus a couple that are ready and a couple more that are just getting going.
And the weather is perking up and I'm looking forward to more riding.

Lise Jumper said...

sorry about the double post, didn't think the first one went in!

Sandy M said...

Hi, Lise. Didn't realize you'd retired Robin(?).

I retired Viking Grog, brother to the late Azure's Sweet Viking. He's 23 now. His breeder told me his dam only died last year, at age 38.

The youngster in my picture is a Confetti Farms horse. He does have Appy color - a hip blanket w/spots - it just doesn't show in my blog avatar.