Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Canceled Show

So, the show that we were practicing intently for was canceled. I was so disappointed I couldn't bring myself to post for a while. Then I got busy. So, now I have no excuse and show be posting regularly again.

Our new show is in 2 weeks and it will most likely be the only show for the season. It is an actually Dressage show, so I am appropriately horribly nervous.

Dazzle and I have been doing a lot of riding, but not Dressage practice. We have done several trail rides, practiced in her bitless bridle that I plan to use on her on the Trail Ride in July, the big Chief Joseph ride. We did a calf-sorting last weekend. So, good stuff, but not technically Dressage practice. So, for the next two weeks, that's ALL we're going to do. I have the arenas mowed and re-lettered and we're ready to go.

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