Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catch Up - Hot Summer

Haven't ridden much since returning from the ride since it's been so hot! Dazzle and I and Ashley and Gypsy did a lesson together at her 4H meeting. It went well. Learned a lot. Apparently, Western pl. is a LOT more like Dressage than I thought. That's always a pleasant surprise.

My friend Jessica took me to meet a friend of hers that wanted to find a home for a few horses and I took Ashley along to give her an experience judging horses. That was on Sunday, the 2nd. She had an old Appy/Arab type mare that has had a stroke and isn't safe to really "ride" anymore. A near-foundering grey pony, only 10 yrs old. And...Sally. A possibly Appendix mare with no papers, about 20 yrs old, done lots of showing and 4H. I did a test ride...Ashley did a test ride...and Gypsy was up for a new home. We were in love.

Monday we trailered over for 4H to find out Debbie was away and no one had called us. We talked to her daughter awhile, then headed home. Not a big deal at all, it was hot! We just put them away and called it a good experience practicing trailering. lol.

Tuesday I had a very interested girl for Gypsy. She emailed me about where she'd keep her, what she wanted to use her for, etc. She sounded perfect! If she didn't work out I had 2 other people really interested in her.

Wednesday the girl and her mom came to try her out. Ashley rode her before they arrived and then showed them what she could do. I reiterated to mom that the reason she was available was that she had arthritis and just wasn't up to the work-load Ashley was going to have with 4H and showing and trail rides and schooling. Gypsy was ready to be a weekend-rider's buddy for easy rides. The girl rode her awhile and was hooked.

We signed the paperwork on her and I handed over the papers and called Andy to work something out for trailering her.

Thursday, Ashley and I loaded Gypsy up and Andy came and trailered us into Pendleton to the new home. Her new owner is a 15 yr old girl who needs a confidence builder that doesn't need lots of maintenance. The facility looked great and the owner seemed knowledgeable. Should be a great match.

Friday, we drove Dazzle out to try saddles Amy was wanting to sell, as well as ride the mare again, Sally. We decided to just bring her home with us.

Monday, Ashley did her next 4H meeting (last Monday) on Sally the new mare. I just watched. They did great.

We've only gotten to ride a couple times since then, but things are going great. She is very alert and curious, but not too spooky. Very TB, we have decided to just call her TB since she has no papers anyway. Ashley has decided to call her Faith as her barn name and "Simple Twist Of Fate" for her show name. She came up with it all on her own and I think they are perfect. We totally didn't go to see this horse thinking we'd get her, it was just for something fun to do. Ashley is SO happy. Sally AKA Faith, is 15.2H and an easy keeper. She is very docile but has lots of go in a controlled way. She has been shown a lot, so should be able to teach Ashley a LOT. She makes her use all her tools and learn more. To top it off, she is PRETTY, SO pretty.

TODAY, we rode around the field, then schooled in the arena. I used the saddle I have on trial from Amy. It went well, I think I'm going to have to buy it. My Fabtron is just NOT fitting Dazzle right now.

The other interesting thing that happened was that Maddy rode Dazzle on Wednesday in the kid-size saddle I'm buying from Amy. It fits Maddy perfectly. Dazzle was really good other than kicking at Moonshine and freaking us all out. Maddy did great and we all stayed calm so she didn't get upset. She walked and trotted again before she got down, so I think we avoided any horse-fear.

Tomorrow is the next 4H meeting. Ashley wants me to ride again. haha. I will, should be fun. I'm so excited because Jessica went to the Hermiston auction today and got me new reins for just $10. Right in my price-range.

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