Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally, VIDEOS!!!

Okay, go to and search "Dazzle Me Again" and you will several videos of Dazzle! I finally got a program that allows me to use the files on my video camera and it converts them and puts them on YouTube for me, it's awesome! I just have Dressage on there so far, gonna have to get someone who rides Western to ride for a video to show her Western Pl. I will post when that happens and let you know!

Another bit of news is that it looks like we found someone we trust to get Spotless going with a few rides and to send Britches and Mister to for a month each! So, as soon as there is decent footing consistently they will be going to the trainers! WOOOO! Then, Melissa will school them Dressage and they will each do at least one Dressage class and then be officially up for sale. If they don't sell with just the Dressage showing they will attend the Ride (not Spotless) and be sold there. If he doesn't sell, Spotless will show and get his Dressage COA which should sell him no problem. All their prices will go up with the training and showing, so if you're interested in any of them, let me know now!

Sparkles - accomplished Distance horse (no recorded miles unfortunately, but has done the Chief Joe every year since she turned 4), 15.3H, 2002 mare I think, done parades, cows, playdays, and now schooling Dressage. I believe they want $3000 and that will go up after she cleans up at the Dressage shows with her beautiful gaits!

Mister - coming 4 yr old, bay with a rump blanket gelding, about 15.2H, currently has 3 rides on him and a bunch of ground work. $2000 as is, or will go to trainer and show and do the ride and his price will probably double.

Britches - coming 4 yr old, very foundation gelding, was started showmanship and did show it once (won his class), but has sat for a couple years now. Rump blanket, about 14.2H or so and should end up stocky enough to carry a large adult. $1500 now, or will go to trainer, show Dressage and attend ride and his price will double at least.

Spotless - coming 3 yr old, normal papers, but not a lot of color right now, almost 15.2H already! Half TB and bred for Dressage and circuit showing. TONS of ground-work done, ready to start under saddle. $1800 now, or at least $2500 after he starts the show season. If he earns his COA in Dressage and is schooling First Level his price will be at least $3500 or more. LOTS of promise, VERY sensible, SUPER smart, but in a good way, and retains training like I've never seen before.

Dazzle - coming 5 yr old, rump blanket, you guys know all about her! $4000 now, or $6500 at least by the end of the summer after finishing her Dressage COA, getting solid 1st Level and completing another 100 miles by attending the Chief Joseph Ride again. She would probably sell on the ride if she goes.

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