Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Night Ride

Sunday, August 28th, Annie and I decided to take Spots out of the arena for the first time at my house. We rode over to my grandma's house through the alfalfa field. We rode up the gravel road and cantered from the house to the road where we encountered a tiny chestnut mini pulling a cart. We jumped off our horses both of whom were wide-eyed and concerned. Spots' curiosity soon took over his fear and he crept up and started sniffing. He sniffed the cart, the shafts, then the mini. He sniffed the mini's nose and after several seconds, the mini reared, struck, and squealed! I laughed hysterically! After a few minutes, Spots and the mini were friends and the mini and his driver continued on their way down the road.

Spots and Marigold and Annie and I headed back towards my place, cantering the gravel lane. We walked around the side of the field and met up with Michelle on Lucy. Together we trotted around the entire field together, giggling on our happy horses. Michelle headed back to the arena, but Annie and I decided to make another lap. It was nearly dark and dry lightning was flashing in the sky. We took off trotting and on the orchard side bumped our horses up into a canter. We cantered the back side of the field, in the pitch dark, with lightning flashing in the sky. It was tremendous!

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