Monday, December 12, 2011

Where Did We Go?

We will soon return to regular posting. Spots has been on rest with a rib out and the accupressurist is scheduled to come fix that Monday. Other than that, we are behind on posts because my mother-in-law died in a crazy horse-related accident which really threw the whole family for a loop. She was leading her little gelding and he apparently spooked at a dog and pulled back, the reins she was leading him from broke and she fell backwards and hit her head on a rock and was gone, just like that.

Spots will return under-saddle next month and will be on trail-rides and in the show-ring in the spring and summer, ending the summer with his debut on the Chief Joe with his rider, Annie, aboard. Should be lots of fun and tons of great pictures.

I am now working full-time, so I won't be able to photograph every session, but I will try to get picture updates as much as I can. Stick with us, we'll have a great Appy journey in 2012.

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