Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breyer Horses

I have not updated in so long.  I will have to update on how things went last summer.  I attended two shows, had a great time, and then bought a ton more models over the winter.  Enough that I probably need to sell some because I probably have too many for one person to show!  I have two shows planned for this year, and a 3rd that will most likely be by proxy because I am due to have a baby right before it.

I have some customs that I finished (yey!), and a couple even earned ribbons.  I have more to finish for this year's shows.  Some of my OF's NANed at my 2nd show last year which made me very happy.  I'm too far away to go to NAN, but I can still save cards and earn awards on my models.  I have a big project to do before May when my next show is; I need to get my new horses ready to show!  They need evidence cards, breeds assigned, leg tags, etc.  And there are a bunch of them!  I've been putting it off.

I will work on getting more organized and get pictures of things up.  I did a nice binder of my ribbons to keep my NAN cards and ribbons organized and keep track of who won what.

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