Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Day Neck-Reining

I have practiced neck-reining in the snaffle a little every once in a while, using lots of leg aids to teach her to neck-rein. She was getting it. Today, I decided to try the curb for the very first time. Next summer when we show she will be 5 so she'll have to be able to use a curb for western. This summer we aren't going to show much, so it's a good time to teach it as there's no pressure.

So, today I tacked up western, fitted the curb bit and we headed out to the arena. She turned easily and stopped nice. Backed beautifully. Better turn on the fore-hand and haunch then two-handed with a snaffle. We worked on walk/jog and then jog/canter and then walk/canter. She took the right lead almost everytime, to the point I forgot she had a bad side. She tried to dive in some, but I was able to push her out with my inside leg. We got so light she was getting hyper. Walk/canter/ho. Canter/ho/turn on the haunch. Jog/walk/ho/back. She was getting really light. It was a lot of fun. Then we practiced side-passing over a pole for trail class. I'm going to work on that one. Find the balance for leg and hands since I haven't done it one handed before. She is really good at opening the gate. She almost does it all by herself.

Since we were learning new things I only worked for for about half an hour again. She seems happy to be the center of attention again. I hosed her shoulder and back, sprayed some of the winter dried-on mud off, and put on her fly-sheet and put her in the arena. She is living in there untill there is a dry paddock availble. She is SO happy to be wearing a fly-sheet and getting pampered again. Yesterday I had brushed really well, then hosed her off and put her fly-sheet on for the first time this year. She was hardly shedding today. That is promising. I hope she gets naked for summer quickly!

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