Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Spring Ride

I rode Dressage yesterday for my first ride on Dazzle in over a month. First she got time to run in the arena, then I lunged her both directions and she was lazy. No bucking or anything. I tacked up and hopped on. We walked and trotted around the arena. She was good. We worked on trot/canter transitions. So took the wrong lead a couple times, but not too bad. She is way wobbly and rushed both directions at the canter, but that is to be expected after a break. It was pretty warm, over 60 degrees, which is the hottest it's been yet this year. Dazzle and I were both sweating, so I kept it short. Half an hour all together. She is trying more then before. She isn't throwing her butt in and out when I ask for the canter and I'm able to use my inside leg at the canter to keep her out on the circle. She likes to dive in when cantering to the right. Then to cool down we practiced leg-yield from quarterline to fence and fence to quarterline. She seems more responsive to my aids then before. This is good, just means I have to work harder on giving lighter and lighter aids.

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