Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow - Big Week Ahead

We have everything packed, all the tack in the trailer, shipping boots and halters set out for in the morning. Sparkles and Toby are in the back paddock to leave from here in the morning. We get up early and are to meet at the Shop and leave at 6 AM. My grandparents and their best friends are going as Non-Riders in their RV. They are going to follow us all to the first camp which is in Darby, Montana. The refrigerator truck, the U-Haul, the live-in Featherlite, and the stock trailer are all going from here. Our horses are riding in the stock trailer, then during the week it will be the trash trailer for the camp. At the end of the week they will dump the trash and we'll take the horses home. The Featherlite is going to be our RV for the week. We are sleeping on the converted couch, in-laws are on the bed, and Melissa and Ted and whomever else are sleeping in the horse part and tents. They took out the dividers so there is lots of room. It's exciting to see all our tack in the tack room of the trailer!

I am SO excited, but also nervous about riding so much every day. I hope Dazzle handles it well and enjoys it. I hope I'm not miserable all week, lol. I look forward to all the people and hanging out and drinking and talking and laughing over everything. I am not very social at home (too busy with horse) so the Ride is our main outlet for friends during the year. Hopefully I will return with pictures and stories!

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