Friday, July 17, 2009

Short and Sweet

Thursday I decided to be smart and ride BEFORE it was hotter than the sun in the yard. I caught Daz with her bridle, brushed her back off (which she stood on the porch of the tack room for), then led her to the arena. I led her to a chair, stood on it, then walked her up next to it. She actually stood beside it and didn't turn to face me. She suddenly seems WAY taller then she is. I put a leg over and boosted up, reminding myself how I'm always telling Dazzle to "just get up there". Dazzle stood stalk still.

We walked around the arena and I felt fine so I asked for a jog. We jogged around a bit. She has too much withers, lol. Her back is kind of spiny. I would have cantered but I decided I would regret it. So, we left the arena and just walked around the property a bit; behind the shed, up the drive way, down the drive way, up to the neighbor's house. Then I had a conversation while sitting on her, we went up the steep hill between the his driveway and mine, and then back to the tack room.

It was a nice ride. Last time I rode her bareback I felt really insecure and could barely relax at a walk. I couldn't jog at all. I used to race and jump bareback, all over the property and the neighborhood orchards. I wish I was still that secure. Maybe we'll get back three, I would love to be able t show in Bareback class.

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