Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010's First Trail Ride and A Great Schooling Sessions For Trot

Friday before last we loaded up Sparkles and Dazzle and Ted and headed to Bennington Lake. Ted rode Dazzle and Melissa rode Sparkles and I walked and video-ed parts of the expedition. Sparkles was a bit of a pill, but Melissa was trying to push her buttons so she could work through any attitude issues. Dazzle was awesome! The only time she got nervous was when Sparkles was being silly. She happily walked out away from Sparkles and didn't try to look back. Ted doesn't know how to ride and Dazzle took good care of him. They walked through several big scary puddles, up and down steep muddy trails and even got yelled at by pretty girls in the parking, lol. I was very pleased. If that was her "hot" and fresh she is going to be a trail-dead-head this year. Which is GOOD. Trail horses need to be relaxed and enjoying the scenery.

Yesterday, Melissa rode lunged and rode Dazzle and I video-ed. The ground was dry-ish from a horrible wind storm the last couple days and it was beautiful out! She rode her at the trot and got some of the most amazing trot she's ever gotten from Dazzle. And for the whole ride after warming up, not just a few strides. She was pushing form behind, reaching with her hind-end, extending in the front, she was on the bit almost 100% of the time. She would get super scores on a trot like that into or training, I think it could even be a 1st level trot. When we have that at the canter she'll be able to get awesome scores training and be ready to move on to the shortening and lengthening of stride for 1st level. If the weather stays nice that will be soon. Melissa will work her several days a week and they'll be able to make fast progress. It's hard when you have a snag a ride here and there when it's not a windstorm or pouring rain. Yey for spring weather, lol.

The 3 videos are on!

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