Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quite the Adventure

Sunday was the new Appy regional club's playday at a local arena. They had an awesome extreme trail course set up to play on. I took Dazzle for Trudy to ride and Spotless for me to walk through. I want to trailer him a few times before he goes to the trainer. So we got Dazzle ready to go and I turned Spotless out to run before we went since he hadn't gotten worked last week. When I went to catch him, he just ran. He only grazed while I turned him out and then wouldn't let me catch him. Melissa finally caught him and he was all sweaty by then.

We got to the arena, a whopping mile down the road or so from my house, and Spotless was drenched in sweat. This is why I wanted to take him somewhere before he goes to the trainer, lol. So, Trudy took Dazzle in and started walking her through the obstacles. I walked Spotless through them. He had giant eyes and was jittery, but amazing went through almost everything first try. Over bridges, through the tarp tunnel, etc. He was nervous about the mud pile to walk over and wouldn't walk in the water box. AJ, the man who's going to train him, took him and ponied him around and then got him to go through the water box. By the time I put him up he was doing everything. Even big swinging hanging bags that other horses were freaking at. I tied him on the side of the arena for the rest of the time and he watched everyone. Overall, I was really pleased with how well he did. He tried everything even though he was scared and wasn't dangerous.

Dazzle and Trudy did great. Trudy was really nervous so she walked Dazzle around a long time. Finally she mounted up and walked through everything but the water box. Trudy got down and Melissa got on and walked her through everything again for me to tape and then got her to go through the water box, which is apparently much scarier than the puddles we played in last week or the chest deep water she plunged right into on the Trail Ride last year. Melissa got her to walk through the water box several times and she calmed right down about it. Nothing else really concerned her at all.

It was really neat and I really wish I could have been able to ride it myself! I really felt I was missing out! Hopefully we'll get some similar playdays next winter or something when I can ride again.

Videos of Dazzle and Spotless are now up on Youtube.com!

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