Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Windy Day Ride

Today I went with Melissa to watch her work her QH filly and then we headed to my house to work Dazzle. The sun was almost down and it was trying to rain. She was in quite the mood! It was windy on top of that, so maybe that's what was up. Melissa lunged her and all through both sides every few trot-canter transitions she was go like a fire-cracker for a few strides just full of spunk. She was listening otherwise, it was very silly.

Melissa got on and rode trot and canter and pronounced it a good ride. She didn't do any of the silliness under-saddle, she never does. Her trot is getting consistently forward and on the bit. Her canter transitions are getting sharp and they are working on being on the bit in the canter now. She's trying to get her to reach from behind more. That's their new project. It looks like the weather will be more cooperative now, so she should get lots of work in before the first show. Melissa is going to be at a clinic the weekend of the first Dressage shows, so our first one will be the last weekend of April now. That just gives her more time to have them awesome!

Spotless goes to the trainer Friday! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see him under-saddle! Wish him luck!

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