Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dazzle Visits Red Barn

I braved driving the stupid-truck-I-hate and took Dazzle to Red Barn so Melissa could ride her in between classes. She hasn't been there in about 3 months and it was really windy. She wanted to jig at first and just stare at the horses in the pastures, but after 2 or 3 minutes she settled right down and got to work. Melissa was giggling with joy at her reachy trot and quite pleased with her canter work which was probably the best we've ever gotten from her. She actually called it "uphill"!!! It was lovely to watch. Not rushy, not on the forehand, controlled, it was awesome. In a 20 meter circle her head popped up about 3 times, meaning, she was starting to get consistent! She was on the bit most the time, listening to Melissa's leg and letting her keep her in or out as the circle needed. She got the correct lead both directions with no extra effort on Melissa's part. AND she wasn't even sweating by the end of it. She looked relaxed, thoughtful; not annoyed, no grimacing or swishy tail. Not spooky, even in the wind. I wish I'd taken video! I plan to take her back tomorrow, so I'll take my camera if that works out. Melissa hadn't ridden her since my last post, so it'd been a while.

She's also shed out most the way, no more wooly-mammoth hair. She's gained weight in the last couple weeks; before her girth went to 3 holes each side and today it was nice and snug on 2! So, she's looking good and seems to feel good. I'm so glad! She should show off nicely on Saturday.