Friday, April 30, 2010

Better A Late Post Than Never!

Dazzle was a shining star for Karol and her friends! We took pictures and Melissa rode her in the arena at Red Barn to show them what she could do Dressage-wise and then they loaded her into a shiny trailer and headed off! They made it home safe to Northern WA the next day.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm sad, which of course I am because she's an AWESOME horse, but I can't begrudge her the new wonderful home she's won herself. Karol is going to spoil her completely! Turn out in a pasture, all new blankets and equipment; she's going to be in horsey heaven with her.

So, Dazzle has gone to a better place (really!) and Spotless should be home from training in a week or so and then Melissa will be riding him till he sells.

In baby-news, Desmond hadn't budged and wasn't a good candidate to manually turn him into a good birthing position so yesterday I went in for a c-section. In the pre-op room my Dr. did a last ultrasound and he had turned himself around! So I got to come home! So no baby yet, but I am starting to have little painless contractions and they haven't quit, so hopefully within the next few days I'll have a baby!

I've decided the best way to encourage a baby to come is to ignore him, so Melissa and I are going to look at a Paint gelding for me tonight at the fair-grounds. Should be fun, he sounds perfect, so hopefully he's as nice as he looks in his pictures. If we love him tonight we might get to bring him home on trial for a few days which would be really nice.

If the Paint gelding doesn't work out and Spotless sells, a friend I ran into Wednesday night offered to half-lease a gelding she has to me to share. So it looks like I won't have to be horse-less long, whether I own one or lease one I'll get to be riding somehow.

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