Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update on Spotless

I talked to the trainer today and he said Spotless is doing great. No bucking/rearing/bolting, nothing naughty at any point. He said he's a bit lazy in the round-pen and when he ponied him down to the big arena a couple blocks from their place and ponied him in there, he was FAST and easily kept up with his speed horse that he was riding. He said he seemed to enjoy opening up in there. So, he's definitely his race-horse daddy's son! I like the lazy most the time part though, sounds like my kind of horse! He said the only annoying thing he does he push his nose down into the bit. If that's the worst thing he does, I think we're good.

So, when he gets home I'm going to de-worm him again, get his feet done by the normal farrier, have his teeth checked (since he's 3), have the accupressurist check him over, and put him on grass pasture to make sure he is fat to be schooled by Melissa. Hopefully he'll be back in time to get registered for the Dressage show the 12th of June. That's the only local one so I really wanted him in it. He'll be doing Intro B most likely. MAYBE Training II, but not likely with only a couple weeks of riding before hand. We'll see. I miss him, I'm looking forward to having him back. I'm excited to get to ride him before he sells. I bred him and trained him all myself before sending him to the trainer, so it's exciting to see it come to completion in a broke horse!

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belambi said...


Lovely horse and interesting blog

Please could you add Harry Hotspur to your list of dressage stallions?
and also Sportaloosa International to your list of regestries?