Monday, August 29, 2011

Beginning of August Update

Okay, overview of August:
While I was working as crew on the Chief Joseph Trail Ride in Montana, Annie got in a few rides on Spots. They rode in the round-pen and worked on haunch turns and side-passing, rode out of the round-pen and opened and closed the gate themselves, and rode in the small arena. Another day, she got on him bareback! He appeared to be over the "scary leg" issue as he let her belly up and hook her knee over to get on!

When I returned, they began riding in the big arena that is full-size Dressage arena size. They walked and jogged on the rail, then practiced turning round a burning barrel. He acted like he did that every day of his life. They has done the first try riding with another horse while I was gone, and Spots had not been sure about that plan. We did a session with me lunging Spots and Annie riding Marigold around to get him used to her being ridden without the complication of a rider on him at the same time.

At first he was highly suspicious when she came near, but he quickly got over it when Annie scratched his head from Marigold's back. Within minutes we was letting Mari trot up to him, side-pass to his side and have Annie lean over and scratch him. So, it appeared "Scary ridden horse" issue was resolved! This is exciting as it opens up so many more opportunities for him!
My desk-top crashed so I don't have access to the pictures of this week.

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