Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Post I Never Thought I'd Write

I have always been a "horse person". I couldn't wait to own my own horse. One horse soon became three. Three eventually became seven. Seven became two. And now...It looks like two will become zero. For a while.

After meeting with a financial planner yesterday, we've made the decision that I should sell both my horses and be *gulp* horseless. I haven't been horseless since I got Delli at 16 yrs old. In order to become financially secure so that I can further pursue my horsey goals, I need to get my student loans paid off. It makes no sense to slow that process by spending $1000 a year per horse to have something to ride for fun. After my student loans are paid off, I can easily save up to buy myself a $10,000+ show horse and pursue my show horsey dreams for real. AND I can do it with without the guilt I have just OWNING a horse now.

It's a terrifying thought for me; horses are a large part of identity and since becoming a mom I have been trying hard to have a part of me that is still "me" and not wife or mom or employee. It is scary to think of defining myself a different way. But it will only be a hiatus and not forever.

For now, we'll continue Spots' training and start collecting video of him and Marigold is currently on lease to a 4Her but we'll start getting video of her too. Hopefully by fall, both horses will be sold.

I will be doubling down my efforts to put everything I can onto my student loans because the sooner they're paid off, the sooner I can start saving for a show horse and get back in the ring. My goal is 5 years. Which sounds like a long time without a horse. But I have to remember I can always ride friends' horses and take lessons if I have a horsey craving.

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