Monday, April 30, 2012

To Get Caught Up

After my mother-in-law died, I didn't update my blog for several months. We did ride in that time, but I didn't feel like blogging it. So, I will fill you in on what happened between September and when I started blogging again. SEPTEMBER: My birthday happened to be the day of my mom-in-law's accident, but we celebrated the weekend before. Annie did a fantasy photo-shoot with me and Spots the next day, and the accident happened before I did anything with the photos. So here they are:
I have lost more weight since these, so maybe I will get to do another shoot before he sells. I never even cropped them, everything was so crazy. Put that on my to-do list. Next, we went on a around-the-block ride for my Birthday and it was my first time out on Spots. That was the best birthday present. My brother rode my mare and Annie rode Justin, her Morgan gelding.
OCTOBER: In October,Spots attended a Jim Briggs clinic at Red Barn farm with Annie aboard. He did really well considering he'd never been there for before and November was busy and he wasn't getting ridden as much as before. I lunged him out really well and then Annie took him in the arena for their group lesson. He tried hard, behaved well, and everybody was very impressed with my "baby".

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