Friday, May 18, 2012

I Think My Horse Is Broke

Last night I went out at 7:30 pm and put the curb-bit bridle on Spots.  He hasn't worked on it since the last time I wrote about it.  I climbed up bareback and he acted like we do that all the time.  We walked around and worked on steering figure-eights between barrels and stopping and backing.  He's getting the whole neck-reining thing.  We jogged a tiny bit, but I haven't ridden bareback in years, so I didn't let him jog very much.  The dogs were busy eating horse poop around us and he wanted to stick his nose out at them and make them run away.  After we rode around and steered and stopped for a while I just sat on him and tried to take pictures of myself on him.  No one else was there to take one of us.  He stood quietly while I fiddled around and laid on him and put my feet up on his butt.  Such a sweetheart.  He let me give him lots of hugs when I got down.

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