Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Outing Of 2012

Last night, Annie hauled Spots to a nearby arena for a group riding lesson. It was his first time there and his first time out since the Jim Brigg's Clinic. Annie acquired an adorable 2 horse straight load with a tack room earlier in the day and Spots has never used a straight load, so their training began with getting him in. He wasn't too bad, about 20 minutes or so.

I didn't get to go watch, so no pictures, but she reported that at the arena he acted like it was probably the first time he'd been anywhere and she mostly lunged him in the middle of the arena all evening. She said he was full of it, bucking and putting on a show on the line. He was quite distracted by the other horses and how fast they were going. We expected that. He'll be calm and his normal self there in no time. They plan to attend regularly I think. It's very close to my place and low-key so she can work with him however she needs.

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