Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whew, One Long Lunge

Annie was reporting insubordination on Spots part so today I went out to help her. I tacked him up and put side-reins on him, then lunged him. And lunged him. Both directions. I would ask him to halt and Annie would act like she was getting on. If he acting spooky or unsure, we lunged some more. He cantered both directions, but mostly trotted. Finally we cooled down with a lot of walk. Annie offered to get on again. He stood like a gentleman. She rode him in a circle still on the lunge. He seemed fine. She pulled the side-reins off the saddle and rode him, still on the lunge, for quite a while, walking and halting, moving him in and out on the circle with her legs. He started licking and chewing right away. By the time we put him away, I had lunged him about 2 hours and she'd ridden him around 30 minutes. WHAT a work-out. I think it was good for him though. He was still offering to trot by the end, we did not completely wear him out. He did enough walking that all his sweat was dried by the time we put him away so I didn't have to worry about him getting cold. The craziest thing was that he seemed taller than I remembered so after we worked him we stood him on concrete and measured him. And squared him again and measured him again. He kept coming out to 15.3H! Which means he's grown about 1 1/2 inches since last summer! He might make 16H yet. Annie is supposed to come work him again tomorrow, so I hope she is able to. I think if she can work him again while he's tired from today his brain might click back into gear and they'll be able to make progress again.

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