Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Happy To See Mud!

The horrible icy-snow has melted (mostly) and the ground is mud! It's pretty depressing when that is an improvement! SOO looking forward to being able to ride or at least pay someone to ride my horse! Spots actually kept his weight this winter, maybe that means he's done being a bottomless pit of a horse. He is very excited to get back to work. We have many plans for him.

If you want to do something really depressing, add up all the money you've spent on your horse. Spots, who I bred myself and therefore he was "free", has to-date cost me $7642. Give or take a few hundred because I estimated hay usage when he was little. His current market value? Let's just say not $7642. So, my breed-to-sell idea didn't work out like planned. The stallion died, the market dropped (plummeted), and he had an expensive birth. Live and learn and make better choices next time.

My next-time-better-choice has been decided...I think. No more breeding, probably (hopefully) no more buying-to-train-my-way. I'm going to save up and buy exactly what I want. Something already trained, hopefully even already shown. I want to be able to just enjoy riding and showing and hopefully winning. I've really enjoyed training and raising and all that goes with it, but I'm a mom now. I'm not going to do anymore starting. And why buy something to raise and train if you're going to hire it done anyway? So I'm going to get something done already. Hopefully by the time I'm ready to buy the market won't have recovered too much to make the price way beyond what I can afford.

Till that day, Spots is going to enjoy all the training and shows he can handle. We have a show schedule started on his Shutterfly site; SpotMeSomeColor We won't be hitting all of those, but that is what there is locally. There are about 4 more we'll probably hit that aren't listed with dates online yet, so they'll be added later.

Wish us luck and come watch if you can!

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