Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kick In The Butt

Another part of what our new instructor gave me for homework was to instill a work ethic into Dazzle. When she said it I thought, "Yeah, Dazzle and ME". I can be SO lazy. So Work Ethic is the name of the year, I'm guessing, for Dazzle and me. It doesn't help that the weather is changing and we had our first lightning/thunder storm this evening. Melissa and I have new, refreshed goals now, so we will be refocused and ready to work through the nasty winter weather.

Melissa's lesson, which I shall mention even though her horse is a TB and not an Appy, also went great. Our instructor called her mare, Bayberry, her "Grand Prix" horse. Melissa couldn't have been happier. She also said Dazzle had the "movement" to make it at Training Level in the USDF shows. Later, Melissa and I laughed over the fact I was as tickled over Training Level as she was with Grand Prix.

So, at least so far I'm doing better on riding everyday it isn't raining than I am on walking on the treadmill or outside for my exercising plan. Oh, tomorrow starts another week...

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