Monday, November 17, 2008

Tricities Instructor

Saturday we hauled in to Red Barn again and had lessons with Rae Lamming from Tricities. I was a little terrified as the ladies from the barn were telling us she was more serious in her lessons and opinionated. At my lesson however, she was great, very nice, and not scary at all. She was very encouraging. She told me not to let Dazzle get choppy and fast with her front legs. She said I need to lean a little more FOWARD in my posting! She said Dazzle should grow another inch or two and that she is currently a down-hill horse that moves uphill. I was THRILLED. She really liked her and thought she was really cute. She also said she was swinging her back by the end of the lesson! Yey! Melissa enjoyed her lesson too, everyone said how wonderful Bayberry looked.

This week I will try to get my lesson videos on Youtube. I don't know if I'll be able to put the whole lesson up, as each is 45 minutes long. I'm hoping so though, because it will be like providing training videos. Wish me luck! If you know how to do videos that long, let me know!

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