Saturday, November 8, 2008


So, it's been rainy and nasty all week. Somehow, it's been letting up on the rain long enough to ride a little before it gets dark. I've been working with Dazzle on FORWARD. We also play with leg yielding, shoulder in, and haunch out. She has been constantly trying to be bent to the left. Thta's apparently her favorite thing. She also has been dropping her butt to the left when going right and dropping it in when going left. Melissa rode her Wednesday after I did. She was having the same problems, so that made me happy that it wasn't just me. She thought maybe my saddle is lower to the right and Dazzle drops her shoulder to the right. It's a guess as good as any! I really feel like I'm just kind of out of tools and I'm to that point again where I almost hate to get on because I know I'll get frustrated and Dazzle won't do what I ask. Luckily, we both have lessons Friday! YEY!

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