Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday At The Fairgrounds

We were late AGAIN, but at least we got there. Ashley got to come. She's my 13 yr old neighbor that I let ride my old guy. She seemed to have fun, though she said he was a poop. That's normal for him though.

So, there were a LOT more people at the meeting, which is good for the horses. We do wish they would teach all the kids the rules of riding in an arena. They run all over like cats. Dazzle spazzed a little at first, but calmed down after a few laps of trot.

We worked on our forward (and not running into, or being run into, by the kids on their horses). They had a little cross rail up and I let her trot over it. She doesn't over jump it like it's 3 feet tall; she just put it in her trot step. It was awesome. After we were kicked out at 3 PM we rode in the outdoor to cool down. Melissa got on Dazzle for a few minutes and said she could already tell a difference in Dazzle's forward and her response to the whip. yey! We have another lesson on Friday. Hopefully it doesn't rain because this time it will be in an outdoor, uncovered arena at a private boarding barn. We have all week to do our "homework". Hopefully we'll get some dry weather so we can get some good sessions in this week.

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